The flavor of our land 
Fresh and tasty

MASCORONA is an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the production and commercialization of flour and cereals that always seeks to provide the best quality to its customers, generating sources of work, always innovating to meet the needs that change over time.


By 2021 be a leading company at the national level offering quality and processed foods, Develop a faithful relationship with our consumers, reach out to them in all the provinces of the country. Be able to export and be competitive abroad.

Export   Quality

MASCORONA leading bulk export, distributing products to the countries of the continent and Europe, mainly to Italy, bringing the taste and quality of our land around the world.

Commitment   and  dedication

MASCORONA is a work team committed to the packing of flours and cereals harmless to the human being with raw materials of excellent quality and with skilled labor, with the commitment to satisfy the needs of our internal and external customers with products that exceed their expectations , enjoying a good relationship with our suppliers. Based on maintaining our BPM certification and following the path towards ISO 9001 certification in all processes of the Organization.

Fresh  and  tasty 

Each product is made with the quality that can only offer MASCORONA and the selection of the best grains, from the sowing to your table, along with the best flavor offered by our land.

Delicious  and  nutritious

A thousand and one recipes of food for every occasion, with the flavor and nutrients of MASCORONA. Discover a world of flavor on each dish and delight everyone in your home.